Affordable, Sustainable & Socially Responsible Home Mortgages

SHOP™ Home Mortgage (Sustainable Home Ownership Program) is a local non-profit, Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota based, community focused, socially responsible home lending resource. We offer Conventional, FHA, VA financing.

 Our dedication and commitment is to the individuals, families and communities that we serve everyday.

We strive to match you with the right loan product that helps you successfully remain in your home as long as you want with flexible underwriting from real people.

We know the programs that can help you achieve your goals and work with many community partners who will help you along the way.

 Our unique Bridge To Success program can assist individuals and families who have damaged credit and don’t currently qualify for a traditional mortgage. (No longer available)

If you’re a Minneapolis – St. Paul area Realtor:

We welcome you to learn more about our services, down payment assistance programs to help best serve your clients.

If you are thinking about buying a home in the near future:

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