Learn More About SHOP Home Mortgage

Learn More About SHOP Home Mortgage

SHOP™ (Sustainable Home Ownership Program) is a socially responsible not-for-profit mortgage program of Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation in partnership with Dayton’s Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services.

Together, we share a vision of affordable housing and increasing the quality of life within our communities.

While our partnership serves the entire Minneapolis St. Paul area market, our primary mission is to provide products for underserved individuals and families.

We offer a wide range of mortgage lending programs including FHA, VA, conventional mortgages, MHFA programs, various down payment assistance programs, inclusive home financing, and our exclusive Bridge to Success Contract-for-Deed program.

SHOP also focuses on outreach efforts into the community.

We have built extensive networks with community not-for -profit agencies, faith-based organizations and financial institutions to reach families who desire to become homeowners or who want to remain in their existing homes.

SHOP emphasizes home owner sustainability.

We believe in getting you in the home and providing the resources that allow you to succeed in homeownership.

The SHOP Team is a group of seasoned professionals that combine years of mortgage lending experience with a deep understanding of community needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our programs and begin your relationship with SHOP Home Mortgage.

Phone: 651-793-8900
Email: shop@gmhchousing.org or use our online email form.