FHA – VA Loans

If you’re looking for FHA or VA home loans, we can help you here at SHOP Home Mortgage.

FHA and VA loan products are loans provided by the federal government through the Federal Housing Authority and the U.S Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

FHA Offers

  • Low Down Payment options
  • Mortgage Insurance Required
  • Available in a range of terms

VA Offers 

  • No down payment options
  • No mortgage Insurance requirement
  • For eligible service members
  • Please contact us for more information on the options that are available.

FHA – Purchase or Refinance

Information Comments

Max Loan Size

1) $365,000 2) $271,050 1) 11 County Metro 2) Greater MN


Primary residence


Check vendor daily


15 or 30 year fixed

Loan to Value

1 unit, 96.5%; 2-4 unit, 90%; cash out refi’s 85% LTV

Property Type

SFD, PUD, Condo, 2-4 Unit

First Time Homebuyer

No restriction

Minimum Investment

3.5% down payment Limited to 6% seller concessions

Income Limits



FICO score 640 or better 3 non-traditional accepted with stipulations


2 years or greater for Bankruptcy – 3 years or greater for Foreclosure or Short Sale

Education Requirements

Not required

Cash Reserves




Mortgage Insurance

Purchase UPMIP Upfront and Monthly MIP



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