Bridge to Success

Bridge to Success

Due to the overwhelming success and demand for the Bridge to Success program, we are unable to accept applications at this time until our funding can be replenished.  We will keep this site updated as to when we can resume accepting applications.  We appreciate your support and patience.


The Bridge to Success is an outstanding Contract for Deed financing program  designed to assist individuals and families who don’t currently quality for a traditional mortgage.

  • Truly a one of a kind financing product available to Minneapolis St. Paul area home buyers, run exclusively through our non-profit organization.
  • More than just a home financing option. The Bridge to Success program combines home buyer education along with financial counseling which leads to home ownership.
  • A contract for deed program that allows you to enjoy the benefits of home ownership while strengthening your credit.

Contact one of our loan officers today and we’ll help explore your chance to take the Bridge home.

  • No Minimum Credit Scores

  • $225,000 Maximum Loan Size

  • Home buyer Education Required

  • 10-Year Balloon with 30-year Amortization

  • Access to Financial Counseling Support

  • Flexible Underwriting by Real People right here in your community

Contact us today:

Phone: 651-793-8900
Email: or use our online email form.
Chat: Click on the button below for live chat during our regular business hours or to leave a message.


Bridge to Success helps provide a stable home for children

Learn more about our process.     Download our Bridge to Success Brochure

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